Story of Life – Lasting Love

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Story of Life- Midnight

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Story of Life – Nature’s Scribe

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Waterfalls are majestic, breathtaking and spectacular. Yet no two waterfalls are alike – they are fluid and ever changing. Our DNA is just the same – it may be 99.9% identical between two individuals, but the remaining 0.1% is what makes us truly unique from each other. As DNA flows from one generation to another, it’s changed and modified to make us better suited for our environment, just the way a waterfall adapts over time to accommodate transformations to its landscape. How the DNA code, enclosed in a single cell that’s not even visible to the naked eye, can give rise to something as complex as a human being is truly remarkable (just like a waterfall).


It’s Decodable!
Each art piece is generated using your own DNA code which is encrypted in the DNA strands used to create your personalized artwork. Each art piece comes with its own “decoder” cheat sheet which allows you to decode the DNA code in your art piece to uncover your own genetic fingerprint.

Gallery quality giclée print.

The small size (12″ x 18″) is included as part of the $299 GenoArt Creation Kit fee. Larger sizes are available for an additional fee. See the Choices page for more info.