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QR codes have grown in popularity because of their vast data storage capacity and the ease with which they can be decoded using a simple camera on a mobile phone. Our genetic code resembles a QR barcode, since every single one of us (except for identical twins of course) carries unique DNA sequences that clearly distinguish us from each other. Just as QR codes can be used to track and map social networks based on our browsing history, our genetic code can be used to trace back our ancestors, to build our family trees and to unlock the secrets to our health. The wealth of knowledge held in our DNA waiting to be deciphered is truly awe-inspiring.


It’s Decodable!
Each art piece is generated using your own unique DNA fingerprint, encrypted in your own scannable QR code and used to create your personalized artwork. Scan your artwork with a QR code reader app on your mobile device to uncover your own genetic fingerprint.

Gallery quality giclée print.

The small size (16″ x 16″) is included as part of the $299 GenoArt Creation Kit fee. Larger sizes are available for an additional fee. See the Choices page for more info.