Our Story

DNA it’s in all of us. From the banana, to the fruit fly on it, and the person who eats it or the mushroom that grows on the side of the road.

99.9% of the 3 billion base pairs that makes an individual are identical. But it’s the differences that make us who we are. No two people have the same DNA. Your DNA tells a unique story – your story – unlike any others.

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness by embracing it. With our GenoArt collection you can display you exceptionality to the world.

Be proud of your DNA, it makes you who you are!

Our History

We started out as a DNA testing facility performing legal and forensic DNA analysis services for private, medical and government clients worldwide.

DNA analyses for identifying people and biological relationships rely on the fact that no two individuals have the same DNA code or “DNA fingerprint”. But now, we are embracing more and more the knowledge that our DNA dictates many aspects of our lives from our metabolism, our desire to exercise, our overall health and our risk of disease. With this growing interest in DNA, we aspired to devise a novel way to display the unique DNA fingerprint obtained during DNA analyses.

That was the beginning of GenoArt – unique, customized, decodable pieces of art generated from the unique DNA code of an individual. No two pieces look the same, which highlights our individuality. It makes a perfect gift for a person who has everything. A conversation starter, collectible and perhaps even a family heirloom.