Circle of Life – Perseverance

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Circle of Life – Legendary

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Each year, a tree adds a new layer of cells just underneath its bark, which eventually transforms a tiny seedling into a giant oak tree. These rings tell us the story of its life, of droughts, infestations, of hardships and perseverance. Within our DNA is the legend of mankind, hidden clues from our past that were necessary for evolution. If at the center of this ring were genetic Adam and Eve, each concentric ring becomes a successive generation. The DNA code is copied to each generation, and then edited slightly, so as to adapt us better to our environment before being passed along to the next generation. Old genes are lost and new ones gained to complete the “circle of life” that makes us a “fitter” species.


It’s Decodable!
Each art piece is generated using your own DNA code which is encrypted in the DNA strands used to create your personalized artwork. Each art piece comes with its own “decoder” cheat sheet which allows you to decode the DNA code in your art piece to uncover your own genetic fingerprint.

Gallery quality giclée print

The small size (18″ x 18″) is included as part of the $299 GenoArt Creation Kit fee. Larger sizes are available for an additional fee. See the Choices page for more info.