Celebration of Life – Confection

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Celebration of Life- Glitter

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Celebration of Life- Confetti

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Celebration of Life- Gala

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Life is worth celebrating, down to every last second. Every decision we make – to laugh, to learn, to love, makes us who we are. There is no other person in the world that is exactly like you, from your DNA, to your life experiences, you truly are unique. Embrace your individuality and build on it. Don’t reserve the sparkles, confetti and glitter for momentous occasions. Celebrate every moment from the smallest change to grand gestures. The uniqueness is in your DNA; all you have to do is nurture to create a masterpiece that is worthy of celebration.


It’s Decodable!
Each art piece is generated using your own DNA code which is encrypted in the DNA strands used to create your personalized artwork. Each art piece comes with its own “decoder” cheat sheet which allows you to decode the DNA code in your art piece to uncover your own genetic fingerprint.

Gallery quality giclée print.

The small size (12″ x 16″) is included as part of the $299 GenoArt Creation Kit fee. Larger sizes are available for an additional fee. See the Choices page for more info.